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Ebay has become a widely popular source for the searching, bidding and purchasing of an extensive variety of used and hard-to-find items.

It is a great place to find low prices on a number of products. Much of the inventory is sold by users who are attempting to give their used belongings extended life, or those who merely resell various items at a profit for them and a lower price for you. This is a great source if you are looking for a vending cart. Whether you are starting a vending business or are looking for a new/additional cart, this is a great place to consider.

Here you will find a large selection of new and pre-owned vending carts. For instance, up for auction now is a great Hot Dog Vending Cart that includes a sink, fresh water tank, stainless steel accessory kit, adjustable trailer stand and more. This item is being auctioned now at the price of $1,000.00! Inventory rotates fast, but you are sure to find something you are looking for at any given time.

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2 Top Online Stores for Used Vending Carts - Handpicked Recommendations

If you’re looking to start a vending business, UsedVending.com is a great source for information on the best cart to buy, as well as helpful hints for finding a vending location and getting started. They are committed to helping individuals start and maintain a successful vending business. Offered here is a large selection of pre-owned vending equipment. You can find the cart that is perfect for your needs without having to ruin your business’s budget before you even begin!

There is a number of great quality vending carts for less! Take a look at their Towable New York-style Hot Dog Cart. This is a stainless steel cart with wheels and ball hitch making it easy to clean, maneuver and tow. Included is a sink system, 2 burners, on oversized cooler, various sized pans, gallons of fresh water with gravity feed for waste water and of course an umbrella! This is the quintessential item for those interested in hot dog vending. You can buy this cart here for $2,550.00!

Take a look at this item and browse similar items. The inventory is always rotating to keep checking back to usedvending.com for the latest deals!


If you haven’t used Craigslist already, you have probably heard of it! This is a great source for finding items for less being sold in your region. You can find relevant items being marketed by local individuals, much like the classified ad system in most newspapers. This online classified marketplace supports an extensive inventory of items being offered at one time. If you want to pick up a vending cart quickly and easily, have a look at what is being offered on Craigslist and its likely you can take it with you today!

For instance, being sold now in New York City is a brand new Hot Dog Stand with stainless steel construction, ice bin, locked storage compartment, bicycle wheels, and a propane gas burner. This is an essential item for those interested in selling hot food. You can score it here for the low price of $1,950.00!

Head to the craigslist.com listings in your region to see what is available for pick up!


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